Cambium Networks (with Headquarters in Chicago, USA) is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that “connect the unconnected”. They acquired Motorola’s wireless business in 2011. They currently have three Research and Development Centers around the world. They hold the World Record for the Longest Microwave Link at 245.8Kms.

product description:

Cambium provides wireless solutions in both 5GHz, 3.3GHz, Wifi & Licensed Frequencies. They have over 75,000 access points and 5,000,000 backhaul radios deployed across thousands of demanding networks in more than 150 countries totalling over $1 Billion in orders.

Key reasons to work with cambium networks:

• Technologically advanced products

• Opportunity of working within the 5GHz (ISM band) due to significant investment in Interference Mitigation technologies

• Very high Spectral Efficiency on both PTP & PMP product ranges (more throughput for less spectrum)

• CnMedusa can achieve market leading 20bits per Hertz spectral efficiency

• Forward & Backward Compatibility on product sets, therefore offering scalability and clearly defined upgrade path for network operators.

In addition, Cambium offer significant financial advantages:

• Free Annual Support

• Free IOS updates & upgrades

• Free Cambium Helpdesk 24×7

• Free NMS (Network Management System)

Cambium Networks & Eldama can deliver both technical and financial leadership in your market, making you more competitive by offering excellent products and services, improving your network uptime, reducing your customer service requirements and saving you money.

Point to point solutions (PTP)

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point to point key benefits summarized

Ideal for point to point enterprise access, video surveillance and backup connection service

• CMM (Canopy Management Module) compatible

• High Spectral Efficiency

• Advanced interference rejection technologies

• 450 Mbps aggregate throughput on 650 and 125Mbps on 450 Free Link Planning tool

• Available with connectorized or integrated antennas.

point to multipoint solutions (PMP)

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point to multipoint key benefits summarized

Ideal for point‐to‐point enterprise access, video surveillance and backup connection service.

• Industry leading spectral efficiency (20 bits/Hz)
• Advanced interference rejection technologies
• Up to 238 subscribers per sector

• Beamforming simple upgrade path for future expansion
• Multiple RF Chains (Medusa)
• CMM (Canopy Management Module) compatible
• SM’s work with all Aps i.e. 450i & Medusa

• Free Link Planning tool

• Significantly scalable solution

• Forward and backward compatibility.

other hardware/software and nms requirements.

• GPS Synchronisation / CMM – one deployed in each base station to synchronise all transmissions on network at same time to significantly reduce self‐interference. This improves frequency reuse as well

• Subscriber Module (SM) options include:

1. Reflector dish (recommended for 5 Ghz deployments)

2. Software license options include 4Mbps / 10Mbps /20Mbps /Uncapped

• FOC Network Management System (NMS) – CN Maestro

1. Network monitoring

2. Network provisioning

3. Audit trail and log of changes

summary of unique benefits

• Industry leading spectral efficiency (20 Bits/Hz)
• Forward and backward compatibility
• Highly scalable with up to 238 Subscribers per sector

1. Current maximum throughput 400 Mbps /sector.

2. Roadmap to 1Gbps per sector

• GPS synchronisation

• High number of FOC benefits:

1. NMS

2. OS updates and upgrades

3. 24*7 Cambium Support

4. Multiple families of products (PMP, PTP)
that all synchronise

5. Higher quality local technical support and advice

6. Fast availability of products/ local stockholding.