Eldama’s goal is to be the “go to” people for Cloud services in Kenya and East Africa, coupled with partnerships for “Best of Breed” equipment vendors from across the globe. As Microsoft’s 1st Tier 1 Cloud Partner in Kenya, we focus on taking our enterprise clients on a journey from “On Premise” to “In the Cloud”. By building a strategic plan with our clients, we help build the Eldama Journey to migrate all services out of a client’s premises and into the Cloud, making life easier, making IT infrastructure buying decisions easier and making the business more efficient.

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The Eldama Journey will take you from “On Premise” to “In the Cloud” with a structured, logical plan to take all your IT into the Cloud. The days of IT hardware planning are gone as the Cloud offers you flexibility, scalability, simplicity and above all takes away the need to buy any significant IT hardware. Obsolete equipment will no longer be your headache!


Netsure Support Services, with our partners Curvature Inc. offers you a highly “disruptive” solution that will give you an alternative to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) support services. With in-country hardware spares, replacement of parts is quick, efficient and governed under an SLA that we promise you. Third Party Maintainers are helping to extend the life of hardware that manufacturers ask you to replace as well as help to reduce your costs. As quoted from Gartner: “Gartner has seen that the range of savings with TPM contracts is 50% off OEM list up to 95% off OEM list.” Not only that but Eldama can also offer new and refurbished equipment which come with excellent warranties.


Whether you are a large or a small network operator, Eldama can offer both Carrier Class wireless and Carrier Ethernet Fibre solutions as well as Enterprise and Wifi solutions for smaller organisations. Partnering with Cambium Networks, with over 5,000,000 radios shipped worldwide to over 150 countries, we can offer the best wireless solutions available. Partnering with Telco Systems, we can also offer one of the best Carrier Ethernet Fibre solutions available in the market today.

We are a solutions based company

Solutions to your business needs and business challenges is our focus. Our methodology is to understand our clients, undertand their goals and their challenges and then work with them to build solutions that will solve their business problems. We believe technology can enhance business efficiencies and help them to be more locally and globally competitive. If we can design solutions for you to make that the reality, then we are happy that we’ve done our jobs properly.

We offer ongoing world class support

With over 15 years experience overseeing and running world class helpdesks, we are highly focused to ensure that when issues do arise, they are dealt with immediately. Key statistics such as “calls answered within 15 seconds” are monitored daily, weekly and monthly to ensure we deliver through our customer service team.

We plan for your future

IT services are now critical enablers for businesses. But in most cases, IT is not the main business of our clients. By working with you, we help you to plan your IT future with your company future plans, to ensure that your technology helps you to meet the business goals. In addition, with a strong bias towards cloud services, a key part of what we do is to help our clients to go on a journey that goes from “On Premise” to “In Cloud”.

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