Projects previously untertaken by Eldama Personnel:

AccessKenya Group – Fibre Optic Network Design, Vendor Selection and Network Rollout and Deployment – 2008 onwards.  Jonathan oversaw the whole project of deploying a greenfield fibre optic network for AccessKenya including design, network routing, vendor selection and technology to be used.  The AccessKenya network is one of the best performing networks in Kenya today with over 1000 buildings connected and about 1000 kilometres of metropolitan fibre network.

AccessKenya IT Project – Large Commercial Bank – full in house IT Support Services – 2010 to date.  Jonathan oversaw the successful management of a full in house IT support services team for one of the largest banks in Kenya.  This ongoing project and supply of resource and technical expertise covered numerous areas including management of database servers, core banking systems, internal IT helpdesk management among other things.  This contract was successfully re-awarded to AccessKenya twice during Jonathan’s tenure and the IT team won global awards from the bank in question for providing some of the best support to the bank during those years.

Airtel Swap Project Ericsson to Nokia 2015.  Kevin was the RF Lead Engineer for this project that saw Airtel swap out Ericsson to be replaced by Nokia.

Orange Kenya Repeater Project, planning, roll out and commissioning of repeaters 2011.  Kevin was the Lead Project Engineer for this project that was undertaken by Alan Dick on behalf of Orange Kenya.

Equity Bank Fanikisha Project – internal banking for farmers 2007.  Edwin project managed the roll out of Fanikisha mobile banking units for Equity Bank.

World Vision Helios ERP Project – 2009.  Edwin managed this project which constituted rollout of the ERP system across 5 countries for World Vision.

Full Wifi Deployment – Peponi Preparatory School 2016.  Eldama oversaw a complete revamp of Peponi’s wifi setup as part of a larger IT expansion plan of the school.  This included the deployment of an NMS to allow Peponi to get full visibility of their wifi network and to manage it at all times.

Kajiado County Office LAN Cabling Project – Miriam Muthama.  Miriam oversaw the whole project while at Smoothtel which was a Kshs 40 million project.


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